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Not the Transformation He Was Looking For . . .

Epitaph for Hope and Change | National Review Online.

BRAVO Dr. Hanson and well said sir!

My favorite contemporary historian just opened the book on what the world will say about the Obama Administration after it is gone. It’s a long read and so densely packed I could not decide what I should select as a pull quote. Do yourself a favor and read the entire thing.



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Action Matters, Talk is Cheap, Liberty is Not!

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I weep for My Country

Articles: Assassin in Chief?.

Please carefully read the article linked above.

The President and his Attorney General, who wanted to bring foreign enemy combatants to the States and give them all the trial and due process rights due only to American citizens now apparently think it is okay to summarily execute an American citizen on the whim of one man or his designee, with no regard to that citizen’s Constitutional right to due process. If the President can summarily execute an American citizen overseas, what’s to stop him from doing the same on these shores when the fancy strikes him (you know, all those 2nd amendment people sound pretty dangerous)?

I weep for my Country.

This President and his supporters who railed against Bush’s prosecution of the war on terror, water boarding and the detainee camp at Gitmo and promised to end all of these things have instead doubled down. Gitmo remains open, drone strikes have more than doubled and the info that allowed the President to take credit for killing Bin Laden was obtained by water boarding. All the while his supporters and the Press stay mum because it’s “their” man in the White House and we cant’t afford to damage the “Narrative” or the march of Marxism/Socialism in the guise of the American Left.

I weep for my Country.

Our President has become a petty tyrant! Barack the Butcher of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. God help us!


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The State of the Left’s Utopia

Unbelievably sad. Wake up America. This is where Obama and the DNC are taking us.


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The 4th Estate Joins the Evil Empire

New Book Claims Journalists Swooned Over Obama During Off The Record Bar Visit Last Year | NewsBusters.

Liberty’s watch dogs have become the palace guard. This started with Cronkite in the 60’s and has reached its zenith with Obama. They must be ignored (from a “news” perspective) and actively fought at every turn.


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Picture of the Day 1-12-2013


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4 Years is a Terrible Thing to Waste

A Presidency Squandered – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online.

Dr. Hanson is up to his very high standards with this piece. A wasted Presidency should make us all, Democrats and Republicans alike very sad and very motivated to correct the situation.

It’s performance review time Mr. President! Your supervisors have reviewed your file and it’s not looking very good.

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