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Dem Shows Some Ankle on Obamacare

Democrat: The worst parts of Obamacare are still coming… [FULL AUDIO] » The Right Scoop –.


Finally we appear to have a Democrat who is willing to be honest about the entire clusterfark this thing has become and the political motivations behind all of the delays and waivers. I wonder how much time elapsed following this interview before he got taken to the woodshed by the rest of the caucus. The taxing of “Cadillac plans” is especially maddening.


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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Hacking the Constitution: States Quietly Plan to Ditch Electoral College | The Federalist Papers.

The Marxists appear to be attempting an end-run around the Constitution in their latest shot at destroying the Republic.

WAKE UP America! Don not allow this to happen.


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Another Reason To Ignore the New York Times

NYT Celebrates Resurrection: ‘Karl Marx is Back from the Dead’ | Truth Revolt.

As if you needed any more reasons not to read the Slimes!



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You’ve heard what Justice John Paul Stevens wants to do to the Second Amendment — here’s what he’d like to do to the First |

Dear God! This man sat on the Supreme Court! Thank Heaven he’s no longer there although I think Ginsburg probably carries his water.

How is it possible for a former Supreme Court Justice to get this far afield?

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How Did We Let This Happen?


Notice which State is almost completely controlled by the Feds? No wonder Dirty Harry thinks he can do as he pleases.


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It’s a Start

Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover | The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Federal Government is Constitutionally prohibited and limited from owning large tracts of land. The western States have by far the greatest percentages of their land masses controlled by the Feds. Taking them back is long overdue.


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Well There’s Your Problem

Top Socialist Economist Says He’s Been Working With Democrats & Obama “For A Long Time” | The Gateway Pundit.

Oh good grief!

We’re being ruled by a bunch of fools enthrall to a French Socialist Economist. We are sooo screwed!


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