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Worth a Thousand Words

Quite simply one of the best presentations I’ve seen yet in response to the Man-made Global Warming scare.


Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Activity at 40 Year Low | Ryan Maue’s Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Activity Update.

Not only are the number of storms less but their power and duration has decreased as well.

But, but, but I thought Al Gore said it would be the worst we’ve ever seen.

Could it be that The Goreacle had it all wrong! Greenie Meanie heads are exploding everywhere.

Hat tip to the fine folks at PowerLine Blog!

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Same Sheet of Music?

Not even the same church, let alone the same hymnal.

Articles: The Un-American American President.

Another excellent piece from the American Thinker and related to the earlier one I posted on Obama’s next job. Tough stuff but I think right on the mark if you really stop and think about it with out letting your emotions get in the way.


Obama’s Next Job

Is Obama Making His Next Career Move?.

Excellent article at today’s American Thinker.

Fine by me and the sooner the better. While we’re at it, let’s kick the whole sorry lot out of the US and make Europe play host for awhile. Time to end the free ride the UN has enjoyed for so long.


NYT Gas Attack

The New York Times’ natural gas fiasco « Hot Air.

Tina Korbe at Hot Air has Chesapeake Energy Corporation’s response to what passes for journalism at the New York Times.

I think it just kills liberals that good old American free enterprise is in the process of addressing the nation’s energy situation in spite of the Federal Government and the Media’s attempts to cut them off at the knees.

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Frack Facts

Frack here, frack now.

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do Part 2

The Failure of Al Gore: Part Deux | Via Meadia.

Walter Russell Mead presents another excellent piece on the collapse of the AGW (man-made global warming) Movement and Mr. Gore’s role.

This one is just as good as the last one. Read the whole thing.

I’m looking forward to part 3.

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